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Estimated Performance:

(with base engine)
Acceleration, 0-60:
3.4 seconds (traction limited, est.)
Acceleration, 0-100:
8.3 seconds (traction limited, est.)
Quarter Mile ET:
11.7 seconds @ 135 mph (traction limited, est.)
Top Speed
: 155+ (drag limited, est. with base engine package)
Braking, 60-0:
125 ft (est.)
Lateral G's:
0.95 (est.)

Performance increases with more powerful engine options.


Engine: GM 5.7L-6.2L all aluminum V8 LSx series, output 350-640 bhp
Transmission: Tremec T56 6 speed box, many options for synchros, forks, and gear ratios
Brakes: Girling Girlock finned aluminum single piston calipers with 11.5 inch rotors front and rear
Suspension: QA1 adjustable coilovers with independent unequal length A-arm front and
independent multi link rear


-domestic oem engine and drivetrain components with proven 200k mile design life
-normally aspirated*, eliminating complications due to mechanical and heat issues seen with turbocharged/supercharged applications
-manual transmission with hydraulic clutch
-maintenance items like belts, hoses, thermostat, etc are standard parts and can be purchased at any auto parts store
-no expensive custom or modified wearable components such as tie rods, steering rack, ball joints, axle bearings, seals, etc
*most powerful engine option is factory supercharged


-street legal
-small rear cargo area
-excellent visibility
-good fuel economy (25 mpg hwy target)
-ground clearance of 5.00" allows for speed bumps and varied terrain
-zero overhang both front and rear yields unlimited angle of approach and departure
-power steering
-1.00" square Class 1 hitch receiver for cargo platform or miniature trailers
-runs on ordinary gasoline (high octane preferable), no race gas required*!

*most powerful engine option requires premium fuel


-integrated roll bar and side bars to SCCA spec
-five point safety harnesses
-carbon steel triangulated space frame
-daytime running lights
-roll bar mounted third brake light
-helmet (recommended)
-race suit (recommended)
-dual circuit/cylinder brake system
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